by Arnold Wolfgang

peppers monochrome seeking critique arnold wolfgang

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Published: Friday 26th of September 2014 05:26:29 PM


stephanie c

yes a see  a Weston here. it isnt your typical veggie shot. it has a lot of character.

Jack McRitchie
I agree with Alf. Although this is the same subject matter Weston used, the effect is quite different. Weston's shots were portraits of individual peppers, this picture seems to capture another side, an animal-like quality. They feel more like organs than vegetables.

Wolfgang Arnold
stephanie, Alf, Jack,

many thanks for your comments. While subject- and tonality-wise I followed Weston, their 'lively' forms just called for trying a setting where there is some interaction.

Alf Bailey
Hi Wolfgang

There is almost an animal kind of life emanating from the interaction between the two peppers, a dominant male perhaps and a submissive female.........of course that interpretation could be reversed too!

Sincere Compliments! 



Wolfgang Arnold
Hommage to Edward Weston Some peppers I saw recently on PN reminded me of this one. I had shown it in "no words forums" some time ago already - but so far missed to add it to my portfolio.

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