The little rivulet trickled by so promising - but we were doomed

by Arnold Wolfgang

the little rivulet trickled by so promising but street red rain fish umbrella seeking critique arnold wolfgang

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Copyright : Copyright 2014 Wolfgang Arnold - CC BY-SA 3.0

Published: Saturday 23rd of August 2014 06:36:32 PM


Mark Zell

I like the colors here, the greens in the tank next to the pinkish granite, and the bit of red from what I assume is an umbrella.  The scene shows an aquatic environment next to a dry environment, alongside a somewhat transitional environment of the wet sidewalk and road.  None of the creatures shown would be comfortable in that transitional area.  A good composition with a story.  Nicely done.

Wolfgang Arnold
Alf, Mark,

many thanks for your comments. Usually, I try to avoid providing too much direction in captions (I rather prefer keeping photos untitled and let them speak for themselves). In this case, however, I had this 'story' in mind while observing this scene.

Ricardo GirĂ£o

Quite challenging and captivating. I love when we deconstruct the reality from looking at the unnoticed pieces of it.



Maurizio Moro

Nice and interesting image!

Alf Bailey
Hi Wolfgang

Freedom in sight!.........If only they could reach the tiny rivulet, who knows it could lead to a lake or an ocean! 

Some people object to titles that are leading, but personally I welcome the chance to read what the photographer had in mind when they took the shot.

I love the suggested story here, one can enlarge upon it as much as one wishes. A kind of "Finding Nemo" epic tale awaits. 

Sincere Compliments! 



Wolfgang Arnold
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