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Gallery: Rectangles,... and other visual barriers

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Published: Sunday 23rd of February 2014 04:33:59 PM


Wolfgang Arnold
Ruud, Jeff, Fred,

many thanks for your comments.

@Jeff: Chirico is a spot on reference - though I did not consciously think of his works while "seeing" this, but I like the hard light and deep shadows in his paintings.

@Fred: glad you like so many aspects of my photo. Like Christoph you noticed the small line of shadow at the bottom edge - I consider this also an important element - partly as a "basis" but more as an indicator of an object (a barrier) closing this yard off also towards the side where the viewer is standing (in fact, the shadow is from the top edge of a fence closing the yard towards the street).

JeffS L

Such a bleak capture.  It reminds me a little of Chirico's surrealistic courtyard scenes with long, black shadows.  You just need some ghostly white or heavily shadowed figure strolling through with a comparable shadow.  The round grate or drain contrasts with the angularity of the walls.

Christoph Geiss

Beautiful stark and graphic image. I agree, the manhole cover makes the image and gves some relief from all the straight lines. I also  like how the shadow at the bottom frames the image. Excellent work!


Alf Bailey
Hi Wolfgang

It is interesting to note the position of the grid cover, it seems like all the straight edged elements revolve around it, and no matter where I try to re-position it (in my mind) it doesn't seem to fit anywhere other than exactly where it is. 

Compliments & Best Regards 



Jack McRitchie
Always a treat to see one of your often enigmatic pictures. No matter how contemporary they are there's often something of a whiff of ancient temples and archaic rites about them.

Ruud Albers

A very nicely composed beautiful result, Wolfgang!


Mark Zell


The circles, centered at the bottom, provide so much weight - it would completely change the scene without the ballast they provide.  In this sterile environment of straight lines, there is a bit of mystery about the cover and the passageway beneath it.  What secrets does it hide?

Wolfgang Arnold
Mark, Jack, Christoph, Alf,

many thanks for your great comments.

I noticed, I should clarify the caption a bit: in large view you might notice that this cylinder-like thing at the far end has a sign saying "grill" - it's a small barbecue (= 'Grill' in German) sales booth.

Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton

Nice shapes and shadows, well captured.

Wolfgang Arnold
yard of a typical suburban depot... ...deserted on sundays.

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