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Published: Tuesday 4th of February 2014 05:06:03 PM


Juha Manssila

Thank you all for your thoughtful comments!


This species survival depends entirely on preserving the remaining old deciduous forest that provide the necessary breeding and feeding habitat.

James (Jim) Johnson
Juha, . . .

Sorry to hear the endangered species part but, based on the small numbers you indicate I'd say you were very fortunate to have both the opportunity to observe and to photograph!


The lighting and composition are very good as are the details!

A photo file I'd definately keep track of in the future! Seems the photos of endangered species become more precious once the species is gone! Lets hope this is one species that does not disappear!



Jim j.



Alf Bailey

Superb Clarity and textures and the partially stripped tree bark makes for a splash of colour from the exposed timber. 


Very well done ! 


Best Regards 



Pierre Dumas
Simply wonderful!

Best regards, Yuha!



Juha Manssila
White-backed Woodpecker White-backed Woodpecker is endangered species in Scandinavia. Population in Finland consist of only 150 birds... Comments and ratings are appreciated!

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