Beauty and Grace

by Manssila Juha

beauty and grace people ortarit nude seeking critique manssila juha

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 21st of December 2013 03:46:55 PM


Alf Bailey

I think this is very brave and very different! 


There is a surreal dream like quality to the image that makes for compelling viewing! 


Very well done! 





Juha Manssila

Hi Alf

The weather have been horrible lately here in Southern Finland. Temperatures have been as high 5 Celsius above zero and it is constantly raining. Natures color palette have reduced itself to gray, brown, black only... The daily period of daylight is only few hours. I have not been able to do any signifigant nature photography lately but we have stayed indoors and tried to entertain ourself by other means. Hopefully the weather changes soon and we have proper snow and those great winter days that are perfect for nature and landscape photography.

Juha Manssila
Beauty and Grace Comments and ratings are appreciated...

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