by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled monochromatic rock plant seeking critique arnold wolfgang

Gallery: Hard Rock

Tags: monochromatic rock plant seeking critique

Category: Nature

Exif Information:
Model : NIKON D90
Date Time Original : 2011-07-28 16:15:03
Focal Length : 85/1
Exposure Time : 1/30
F Number : 5.6
Iso Speed Ratings : 220
Metering Mode : 3
Focal Length In35mm Film : 127
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Copyright : Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported
Software : Aperture 3.2.3
Gps Latitude Ref : N
Gps Latitude : 47/1 773/50 0/1
Gps Longitude Ref : E
Gps Longitude : 12/1 2211/50 0/1

Published: Saturday 28th of April 2012 07:53:49 PM


Marjolein M.

I too like the quiet mood and delicate light pictured here. Love the diagonal movement and placement of the luminous little plant. The gradation of the B&W tones was beautifully handled, allowing for an effective & dramatic dark background, with enough details to perceive depth and interesting textures...

Alf Bailey
Hi Wolfgang

A lovely and very aesthetically pleasing testament to survival against all odds. The frail new growth clinging to life on the rock whist it enjoys a brief warming from the sun. Excellent proportional values and composition!

Best Regards


Wolfgang Arnold
Fred, Mario, Luis, Pnina,

big thanks for your comments!

Pnina Evental

Caught my eye too!It shows that  life  in nature are so strong and vital! Beautiful diagonal that enhances the tension and the light and details of the rocks are enhancing the delicate green plant. Very well seen and observed, Wolfgang

Ruud Albers

Very nicely composed work with impressive lighting, Wolfgang!


Mario Azevedo
Well done !! Regards, Mário

Luis San Martin

Beautiful. I like the textures and the contrasting lights and shawdows it produces. I quite like your photo.


Jack McRitchie
A beautifully composed picture with a soft and slightly melancholy mood. As always, you prove yourself a master in the use of lighting which here emphasizes the vertical of the plant against the sloping diagonal of the rock. Very nice indeed, Wolfgang.

Wolfgang Arnold
Growing on Rock A steep rock wall in a gorge - a place you'd hardly expect something to grow. The contrast between dark and rough texture of rock and delicate leaves of the plants caught my eye.

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