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Exif Information:
Model : NIKON D90
Date Time Original : 2011-01-02 16:18:12
Focal Length : 16/1
Exposure Time : 1/320
F Number : 9.0
Iso Speed Ratings : 200
Metering Mode : 5
Focal Length In35mm Film : 24
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Aperture 3.2.1
Gps Latitude Ref : N
Gps Latitude : 53/1 934/25 0/1
Gps Longitude Ref : E
Gps Longitude : 7/1 463/50 0/1

Published: Sunday 4th of December 2011 08:58:31 AM


Marjolein M.

Very creative indeed, Wolfgang, & as does Fred, I really like the colors in the photo. Something surreal about the colors, and the way you photographed and presented this.... I too very much like the asymmetry of the composition and your minimalist, unorthodox approach here. However, I'm debating whether showing a tad more of the structure on the left, or suppressing it altogether, might work better for me... (meaning just the structure, not the curved portion of the road)  I feel that its relative similarity in size somehow 'competes' a bit too much with the 2 people walking.... (Eliminating or slightly increasing the size of the structure, would possibly make a stronger overall composition....If that makes any sense to you... :-)    Not 100% sure though......I'm just thinking out loud here..... & as I said previously, I do appreciate your presentation of this, Wolfgang.  Best, Marjolein

Jörg Vetter

The wide open field effect including the small persons makes it interesting.

Alf Bailey
Hi Wolfgang

I agree that the portion of building and road to the left does offer a counter-balance to the walkers and maybe even an impression of the location from which they have walked from, but a bit more would be nice, something to identify what type of building it is, in order to build upon the story a bit more. I think getting rid of the building and road altogether would be a mistake, it would detract from the composition and just leave 2 people exiting a plain landscape. An entirely different perspective woud be envisaged with them walking into it of course.

I like the proportion of sky to land you have composed, it gives a great feeling of vastness and the muted colours point to an almost bleak featureless terrain into which the walkers make progress.

Best Regards


Wolfgang Arnold

many thanks for your comment - I highly appreciate your words and I'm glad that you've almost exactly reflected my ideas with this photo.

Ratings indicate that obviously not everyone embarked on my ideas - well, I expected this in a way, because shifted colours and elements on the left edge are a bit off the mainstream, but reasons, why I like this.

cheers, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Arnold

many thanks for your comment and thoughts. I can't deny that the part of the building on the left edge is a bit problematic and I like the idea of increasing it's size (though I usually avoid changing positions, sizes, etc. of elements in the photo). Removing would also be an option, but then the pair of walkers is lacking some counterpoint.

cheers, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Arnold

many thanks for your detailed comment and suggestions. I know, crop on the left edge is debatable. Maybe size for web presentation doesn't suit the composition well enough and it makes a difference, if seen really large - this wouldn't cure the cause but some more details of the building would be perceivable.

cheers, Wolfgang

Drew Bayless

Wolfgang Arnold
Walk on the dike Comments, feedback and ideas welcome.

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