The Outer Fringes of the City

by Triguez Luis

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Published: Monday 21st of November 2011 05:10:36 PM


Tatjana Adizes

So nice! :) 

Catherine Pahou

Dear Luis

I really like the way the life is forming through the happiness and the innocence of the kids (the sleeping dog also contributes) and the way this is dominating over any misfortune that may be implied by the environment presented.

Dan Dady

I like several aspects in the composition of this image. First there is a story here, the children and their environment. We don't know their exact circumstances but their natural playful smiles are juxtaposed upon what looks like a total disaster area. 

I like the fact that the children are actually darker in reference to the lighter background, it adds to the tension created by the juxtaposition. Although I might be tempted to post process by lightening their faces just a little bit if only to provide a landing place for the viewers eye. 

The sleeping dog also adds to the 'life goes on'  childlike feeling here. 

It seems that for every photo that I find justification for my expensive digital junk I find a portfolio that keep drawing me back to the power of simplicity found only in B&W film. 


Ryszard Tychawski

beautyfull two

Luis Borges Alves

Excelente composição B&W foto

Regards, Luis

Pnina Evental

This is a very contrasted composition. The children all by themselves(with the dog) in that devastated area.looks a sad story.

(Thanks for Toledo in NW,I was there before but maybe will come again one day, history is great there.)

Wolfgang Arnold

what a bittersweet photo. Dan has analysed it very well. Though for my taste faces are bright enough (did update photo already?). What should be added is the role of the tree and its shadow: the trunk balances the two kids while the shadow (and branches at the top) provide a sheltering stage and lighting conditions that suit kids faces.

Strong photo.

cheers, Wolfgang

Apurva Madia

A profound and mind blowing stuff!

Alberta P.

A wonderful capture, Luis, for all the reasons already stated, especially the contrast between the very beautiful and natural smiles and the surroundings.

And made with a Bronica S2A. Lucky man! And to be able to shoot with film and get these results - takes courage. I've been digital so long I wouldn't know what to do with a "real" camera.

Cheers ~


Eva Garcia

Me gustan los contrastes de esta foto....las sonrisas de los niños, son preciosas,y mirándolas parece que se olvida el resto de la escena.

El encuadre, tambien me pose de los niños, el árbol....

Un saludo!!!

Mukul Dube

It is common in my country too for small girls to look after even smaller siblings. This kind of happiness is not assured.

Tony Hadley

Great smiles - lovely capture. The shade is a challenge and i am thinking that since the two children are closest to the camera (compared to the dog, etc), I might have used fill flash toned down just a tad to make the main subjects stand out! "As is" it is still a very good image. All the very best,

Luis Triguez
The Outer Fringes of the City I beg you any comment. Thanks a lot.

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