by Peri John

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Exif Information:
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Published: Monday 15th of March 2010 10:54:51 PM


James Berg
As always, John, you're work is amazing!

Alberto Quintal
John Very beautiful, I love that look!!!! Alberto

Ricardo Maximo Lopez D'Angelo
Master John ... just Beautiful. Max Anon. Regards.

Mark Harris
This is one where I don't care what anyone said to her but love the result. The slight smile and diverted eyes make me wonder what was going on to your right. There are a couple of touches that make what, on the surface, is a very nice nude portrait, quite sensual. On top of her look, the open sheer blouse and the way her hair lightly brushes her nipple, are terrific. Very well done, both of you.

John Peri
Thank you friends .. she's a cool young lady as you see .. love her expressions

Mehmet Akin
good work...congrats

Jim Phelps
John, The facial expression, the lighting, and the B/W contrast from the blouse really work well together. Jim Phelps

Warren Kaplan
That coy expression on her face really makes the picture. The viewer's imagination just has to create a scenario as to what is going on. Very effective touch and a beautiful black and white portrait!

Bob Kurt
Lovely ! So beautiful expresion :)

Alon Eshel
The way her head is turned to the side make the photo so different , Good work my friend

Michael C
Beautiful pose and capture, and I love her hair!

John Peri
Thank you Warren and Alberto too ..

Stephen Solomon
Your style of lighting has enhanced her shape very nicely. She is very nicely shaped and your lighting has enhanced this aspect very well. Her hair is defined very well as well. Not sure about the fabric of her garment and the way it is gathered near her shoulder. It looks a bit too clumpy and displaced.

David Noble

John Peri at his sublime best here, folks.

I love the fact there is no eye-contact with the camera from the model. The fact she is looking at something else is what makes this picture so good.

Her eyes, Smile, the way her hair is falling across her face... everything seems to just fall into place perfectly.

It's simply masterful work.

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady I'm sure Jim is curious, but no, I will not say .. :-)

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