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Dancing at "la parroquia"


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Hola Charo, muchas gracias por tus comentarios a esta y las otras fotos. No soy un profesional. Fotografío solo por gusto. Por eso, la mayoría de mis fotos son de momentos personales y personas cercanas. Me alegra saber que esta te transmite algo de la atmosfera de ese día.
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Not that it matters, but I can't believe some anonymous dweeb would rate this a 1 for aesthetics...and even worse, leave no explanation. How absolutely tacky. But now that I think about it, I shouldn't be surprised, because I get the same thing when I forget to disable the ratings thing when posting for critique. This site is literally crawling with anonymous parasites. Makes me want to spray my monitor screen with insecticide. (End of rant)


All that aside, I'll tell you what appeals to me about this image. First, I love the very ordinary appearance of the subjects. They could be anyone, anywhere...everyday people. Second, I like the sense of the shared intimacy of the dance while sort of surrounded by people who are not paying them any attention at all. It's like they are in their own little world, oblivious to their surroundings. Third, I like the eyes closed facial expressions...again isolating them from their surroundings. And last but not least...your black and white work is fully up to your excellent standards.


Bottom line? I like it.

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Were you there that day? It definetelly looks like that... "La parroquia" is a very well know café of Veracruz, and it was just as you describe it. With some more details: You go to a known café but find no table. Danzón music is playing and you know that the best thing you can do is share an intimate moment with your girlfriend... the people behind were not so wise.

BTW, the low ratings would affect me more in any other picture. But I just like this one so much that I just dont care. It is one of my favourites. I know everybody that appears on it, even the people on the background. The dancer is my brother.

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