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75 minutes with Miss C.

75 minutes with Miss C.

a. a.

Film photography. No digital work. 10% crop or less if any. Forgive the noise caused by low quality of scanning.


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Second session with Miss C. Model: Miss C. , 5',3" 95 lbs

Model's experience: Third photo session ever.


Location: An unfinished house.


Make Up: By model herself.


Equipments: One film camera, one fill flash and a tripod.


Lighting: Sun!! and some flood lights for interior


Digital enhancements: Zero. Nada.


Shots taken: 186 shots (7 different rolls, 3 Kodak Black and White and 4 Colors, 3 of them Fuji and 1 of them Kodak Pro)


Decent to good achieved shots: 88 different shots. (different poses or angles)


Duration of the whole session including make up, wardrobe changes and training for poses: 75 Minutes.


Scan job: Fast off the prints!



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so when I see this one and comparing it with the other one, I think here you have a more natural pose and angle dear Misha.



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