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A slow leak.


Iso 100, 4 second exposure time, F22 (eh...), 55mm, 8x ND filter. Image was edited in photoshop to remove an irritating red spot, presumably a hot pixel, it is persistant in all of my pictures over about 1sec.

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The day had become dull, so I headed out to Cascade Falls in

Patapsco State Park. I am glad I did, because after last night's

rainfall the falls was flowing quite well for this time of year.

This picture is of a very small corner "rivulet?" on the right side

of the falls. I like the way the leaves look, but also the way they

conspire with the dark rock and water to create a "cool" scene,

despite the hot and humid day on which the picture was actually

taken. I like the picture, but there is always room for improvement,

so your suggestions are very welcome.

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Compositionally good and a peaceful scene indeed. I would like to see this brighter by at least a stop. That,I believe, would give the water a silkier appearance and bring out more detail in the rocks. Hope this is helpful.
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Mark, I agree the image is too dark, I didn't notice it on my laptop, which has an extremely bright lcd. I quickly adjusted the image, and while it isn't great looking, it looks better than it did. Going to go back and see if I bracketed this one or not...
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