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Hi Dean: The photo above is way over-sharpened. That white, crunchy stuff is the aggregation of halos from digital sharpening. I took a quick look at the rest of your portfolio and to varying degrees, most suffer from this easy-to-make mistake.


You might want to do some reading on good sharpening techniques because you have a good eye and proper technique will improve you results immeasurably.


Check out this page (http://www.pixelgenius.com/tipsandtechniques.html) for some good tutorials.

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This portrait is very expressive, and the pose and harness say a lot about what a great dog this is. The face, though, is overexposed, which flattens the facial expression and makes it almost look unreal. (Tricky--in most normal exposures, the eyes would probably disappear into dark face.) Maybe try this one again in softer light (morning/evening) or from a more profiled angle? A very engaging shot, nonetheless.
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