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© 2004 W. Ryan Holliday

King penguin amidst chicks in Right Whale Bay, South Georgia Island



© 2004 W. Ryan Holliday

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The picture is for sure very original an it has a very strong "think different" message. I think might have some commercial value, in this respect.


I think it will greatly benefit from cropping part of the bottom penguins for two reasons. The first is that they are a bit out of focus, the second is that they have too much detail. The idea, to me, is to show just the details of the colorful one, so to concentrate even more the viewer on it.

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Could you see this photo poster size framed on the wall. It would be striking! I agree though that if you crop the bottom 1/4 the mass of chicks will just be just that , a flock. As it is the one chick in the foreground seems to pop out at you, maybe becaus of the shadow on its breast or just that it seems to be isolated amongst the rest.
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Fabolous. (in this small size a tighter crop perhaps will make a diffrence, but in big size it is another matter, just refering to other comments) Kind regards.
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Very interesting photos with great scientific value. We can make many hypothesis by looking at this photo. I wonder if it have other adults near the one you isolated with your framing ?


Good photo !

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The idea is great, but this looks too fake. The photgrapgher stated this was unmanipulated but I look at that the adult penguin and it seems to be illuminated from a different angle than the chicks. Also the chicks are the same size as the adult penguin. Maybe you could enlarge the adult penguin and darken him up a bit so it doesn't seem like it has it's own lighting source.
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In reply to Tommy Benton, there was no manipulation done to any of the subjects in this photo - this photo is in no way fake, it is exactly as I saw it. The day was overcast and it was raining slightly, so there was no direct lighting source. As to the size, king penguin chicks (or oakum boys as they're sometimes called) are nearly the size of the adults before they molt and head to sea.
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Wow. Thats an overwhelming situation! Wonderful composition. I love it. Never mind the suspitions of photoshop. This is a perfect, natural, artwork and I think it's brilliant. Thanks for sharing Ryan
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