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Morning at Hvoll Hostel


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I like what's going on here. I'm not totally sure what that is, but I like it. ;) The photo overall looks relatively soft, as a result I can only guess by luminance / contrast where the focal point is. I'm not sure of this is a DOF issue, scaling, or compression that's causing the softness. I can see some visible artifacts around the white objects so I assume some loss of detail is surely due to compression. I think the photo might work better with more contrast...it feels abit flat right now, particularly in the lower half where the grass appears to be a single plain despite it's obvious depth characteristics. You might try a gradiated burn beginning from the bottom of the photo. I do really like the current crop and think the grass should be kept, just sharpened and possibly gradiated as mentioned. Lastly, there seems to be a wire crossing over the rear element. It's distracting at best. I'd suggest cloning it out. Thanks for sharing this photo with us. :)
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Wow! Thanks for the excellent evaluation, Bryce! Yes, the wire is gone now - I should have noticed that. I also added a very slightly angled burn gradient to make a portion of the foreground darker. I went back to the original photo and tried to sharpen it up a little bit more, hopefully the grass looks better now.


BTW - These are round hay bales. Iceland's weather is a lot like Seattle - its very wet there year round. So, they wrap their hay bales in plastic to help keep them dry.

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The subject is not very exiting but execution is really good. I think the picture could be cropped quite heavily at the bottom by around 40% and may be even better.



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