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Idaho Dunes



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OK... I have been to Bruneau Dunes and THIS is really an awesome picture - for both aesthetics and the fact that no one has trampled your scene! Great job!
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I think this is one of your better shots. Nice vertical composition, the ripples in the sand drawing the eye to the dune. Very well executed.
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nice light. the sky is a bit grainy but maybe it's just due to jpg compression.. nice texture too. i think you should create a white line between photo and frame.. just to make it "lighter".. do you know what i mean? cheers
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A wonderful work where I can feel the 'realistic' influence with emphasis in the 'seeing' instead of later manipulation, seeking maximum sharpness and detail rather than painterly qualities, and which rather not surprisingly but intriguely reminds 'realist' Ansel Adams' dunes (see above)
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Love the image.

this is one of those fortunate images which contain a visual illusion or maybe not depending on the viewer. On first viewing I saw the sand ripples as having the light coming from the right and the sand ripples being concave in shape rising to a ridge with shadows on the left of each ridge. However in the background the main ridge has light from the left with shadows on the right. I have have to force myself to see the foreground sand ridges as convex with the light coming from the left.

I think it is this visual illusion/perception which makes the image interesting.

Anyone else see it like I do?


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yes, the sand near the middle is 'moving' like blown by a wind... it is open however to debate if this particular element adds to the artistic merit or is it a gimmick... it probably depends on each one's general intentions and ways to charm, but personally... hmm.. allow me to be to be abit sceptical and remain inlove with the picture I uploaded above from 1963 (concequently appreciating the other elements here)...
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