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© (c) 2000 Philip Harle www.virtualtraveller.org

Hong Kong Skyline from Kowloon


converted to B&W using Photoshop


© (c) 2000 Philip Harle www.virtualtraveller.org

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I love all the elements of your photo: the strong architectural graphics, the mysterious sky, and the bright skyline!
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among all the photos on the lead page, this was the first thing i clicked on. the relative coloring of the columns, the ring above, the skyline, and clouds have a wonderful abstract, almost surreal, feel to them.


if you're trying to convey anything material about hong kong, i didn't see it (that's ok if you meant it more as an abstraction). maybe that's because the skyline and mountains don't dominate the picture.


i really like how the ring is a very strong shape in the composition. still, the elements all taken together (vertical columns, curving ring above, horizontal skyline, the "slanting" line of the clouds), do not seem to cohere as a whole; leaves me feeling like it's more a big ring and collection of background shapes than a single composition of them.

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Excellent, beautiful and artistic.


I bet the colored one is an eyecatcher as well (Photoshop IS a great tool).

But in the end it's the photographer and the nature that makes the magic come true. :)

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Very good indeed.

Once I pass this place everyday but never seen anything like this. In particular the sky is really nice. Well done.

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I love the sharp focus of the subject in contrast with the blurred skyline. Was this a long exposure? Could you post some more details as to how you took your picture. I am new to photography and this is not obvious to me...
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Nathan, if you've seen this picture so many times before I can only take offence that you aren't prepared to comment on it or rate it, but you can take the trouble to say you're sick of seeing it. If you genuinely want to see some of my other work check out my portfolios on photo.net, on profotos.com or my website www.virtualtraveller.org
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The colour version and this version are equally striking and impressive. The sky really makes the shot in my view. You must have been delighted when you got the film back. The only thing I could say if I was to be really picky would be that I'd like to see a little more of what looks like some water between you and the skyscrapers. But it's still a mighty fine shot as it is.
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This is striking image, for sure. I prefer the colour version of the B&W image for one reason, and one reason only: if this were shot on B&W film, rather than being converted in photshop, I think the tones would have come out better. My experience with converting colour images to B&W in photoshop has been less than stellar. No to detract from this image of course. I definitely like the colour version alot.
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