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A mediocre shot, somewhere in the Sonoma Valley in California.  Can it be saved with some cropping?  Suggestions?

A mediocre shot, somewhere in the Sonoma Valley in California. Can it be saved with some cropping? Suggestions?

david chun


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It's a mediocre shot I snapped off while driving through the Sonoma

Valley in California. I didn't give much thought to the composition

when taking the photo, but when I got home I liked the colors that I

saw on the light-table. Anyway to save this picture with some

cropping? I tried cropping it square, but somehow it doesn't seem to

work... Any suggestions/comments/criticism would be welcome.

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Thanks for the comments Paul, but I'd rather not airbrush the fence posts out. I don't really like editing a photo that much, unless it's for dust and specks. I was thinking of incorporating the fence posts to give the picture more structure....

I know I've only done a little bit of cropping, but is this version of the photo an improvement?

I'm conflicted because on the one hand, I'm concerned about the horizon being in the middle making it a boring picture, yet I also think showing the blue sky is important because it give the contrast to the green of the grape plants...

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I guess if you want to crop this pic you have two ways to go - panorama (like mine) or classic (like yours). I think the classic is the better option, and in this case the posts should stay, as you said. I wouldn't worry too much about the position of the horizon - there is so much brilliant colour here it will never be a boring picture. I think you're very lucky (or clever) to have created a base image which allows a range of treatments.
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I agree with the title. I have a similar shot. Didn't bother to scan it.

Ansel Adams said there is nothing worse than a clear picture of a fuzzy concept. I agree with that too. Although it hurts because it applies to too many of my shots ...

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Looking at your picture again and comparing it to this weeks POW I have to correct what I said: The shot could be better if cropped, obviously a simple brown/green hillside - sky contrast can do the trick
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