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steel barn at noon (roll #4)

steel barn at noon (roll #4)


Standard lens, auto exposure. Of the four I uploaded, this is the only one that does the slide justice.


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Hi! I just found this site a few days ago, what an awesome community.


I'm a brand new photographer. I've had a couple of point and shoot

cameras over the years, but I've never used a proper camera before.

I told all that to the great people at Cameratechs in Seattle, who

hooked me up with an AE-1P and a 50mm lens in excellent shape. Then

I bought a Michael Langford book on basic photography and hit the

road south, for California, trying to figure out what I was doing as

I went along. It was a great adventure.


This is the best one, IMO. If could do it again I'd use less barn

and more sky, but I'd really like to know what other people think of

it. Thanks!!

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It's a nice picture. The composition is pretty simple, yet, effective. Without the two small windows on the barn it would be much, much worse.
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Well I certainly think the composure of the photograph is great, great cloudless sky in the background. I agree with the first post, it was good to have those two windows on the barn, though I would have cropped closer to the windows, and also slightly more up the barn, to eliminate that dark blotch in the lower right.
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