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Morikami Gardens - trees by the lake at night (Grãdina Morikami - copaci pe malul lacului)

Morikami Gardens - trees by the lake at night (Grãdina Morikami - copaci pe malul lacului)


8 sec. at f/2.5


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Thanks Seven. Somehow I like better the green-cast shot with trees from the same folder. I was even thinking to darken it a little, the trees would look more like simbols than real things...
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I like the mood here, but I'm wondering if the original digital file is sharper? I wonder if re-sizing the image for Photo.net took away from the detail.

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Yes, it would benefit from increased sharpness. I will compare tonight with the original.

Poor chances though - I took it from a wooden bridge and there were people passing from time to time. I exposed for 8 seconds and used tele lens...


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Sharp is good - good advice, especially for the frgrnd detail; now it's a little jagged on the bckgrnd treeline though, swings and roundabouts! I enjoy the tranquillity of this image Viorel. Cheers.
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The runabouts in the background are jpeg artifacts. I'm a computer engineer and knewthey shouldn't be there at the factor of compression I used. So I looked intothe problem and I found that the photo.net software does not only change thesize when creating the thumbnails, it also changes the compression ratio (Ithink they have a preset level of compression, like 5 or 6).

That is fine with the small and medium version of the photo. But the largeversion should be left untouched. Because compressing a jpg the second timeconducts to a supplemental lose of quality. Compressing a 300x200 tiff to a300x200 factor 6 jpeg produces better results (quality AND size) thancompressing a 300x200 factor 8 jpeg to a 300 x 200 factor 6 jpeg.

The original .jpg has 91.2 Kb (I used compression 8). There are no artifacts,the image looks clean. After uploading, the large version has only 33.3 Kb. Theartifacts show up and the image is not so clean anymore.

A way to improve  the quality was to save the jpeg with factor ofcompression 10 (maximum). The original has 219Kb. After uploading, the largeversion has 33.2 Kb, but looks cleaner than the previous 33.3Kb image. Thisproves my "bolded" afirmation.

I think there should be a limit for the original above which the compressionwill take place. So we will know when the image will be altered. I think 100Kbis a reasonable amount. I will start a discussion on this, see what others arethinking and maybe get feed back from the support team.

Note: by "factor F" I mean "factor of compression F"as indicated by the "Save as" dialog for jpeg files in AdobePhotoshop.


And finally, please excuse my incoherence if you happen to notice it. Cheersand thank you for your feedback!


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I've posted a question in the "Web publishing" forum.

The compression thing is new, I think they introduced it when upgrading the system these days.

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Viorel, my heart is big but this little head hurts!

I have PS 5.5 - gives 12 jpeg compression options BUT also has a "save for web" function which is really neat. I resize in lossless (usually .psd) and then hit the SFW button. I aim for an upload size of 70-90kb initially, for the 'drive thru' raters. Once it's been through that and has a few ratings I tend to upload a larger file 100-140kb. Upload too large a file in the beginning and many won't bother to wait for it to open in order to rate it objectively. My 2p worth! Cheers for now.

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Thanks for tip, Seven! I don't think it's a little head... Anyhow, I received a reply from Rajeev Surati (the software engineer from photo.net I think) with the message "I think that the limit suggestion is a good one.

I will try to implement it in the coming weeks. "

So I didn't sweat in vain...

Cheers and look forward to new work of yours!


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