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with no cross


PS-tone , crop.

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technically great but when I look at this one I feel that something is missing ... anyway very good photo


rgds artur

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Most of your photographs could look great, however most forms are lost in a formulaic tar-like shadow. I guess you try to emulate the works of Caravaggio and Ribera among others, but their shadows are not as impenetrable as yours. Possible that in print these images are not as dark as the ones here, but here the small central figure is lost.

Also your other picture Preyer(sp) is just too dark and after a while all the other images start to look the same.

The essence of these photographs is good, only the execution needs improvement.

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Another dead center photograph with tons of negative space. I assume this was intentionally done to isolate the subject, that the message is clear, or is this case so clear it cannot be seen (note empty hands). Personally if a photograph needs a title it has failed. If it were my shot I would have put some small horns on the guy and shadow of a tail to get the point across. Then I would have burned in the legs more and cropped out about a little from the bottom and right hand side. In the background would have been hands reaching out of the darkness for a light touch of grace to fall on them. Also I would have the subject face the viewer with a devilish smile and geam in the eyes. Visual Impact would have been result. Oh yes, I would title it, "Can you guess my name?" :^) But that is only me.
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Well, Don you seem to be very harsh on other's work. Showing no respect to the amount of effort they have put in. Normally people give critiques like that are either professional photographers or critics. Don't think you are either.
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If you would have taken the effort to take a look at the portfolio of Piotr you would be ashamed to give a critique as you did.

You are stating that 'if you would had made this photo, etc'

Why not? Is it not challenging to create something?

Don't keep standing on the sideline giving some non sence remarkss, but hop in and start showing your abilities?

You make me curious.

Good luck.

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Great thinking to create this photo , have you taken this type of photo with some other model , for example with an old man with some other pose ?
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