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divemask in water

divemask in water


f-11 3sec flash fuji 4900z M modeiso 125uncompressedphotoshop 5.5 -> crop,color balance, contrast adj


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i'm a senior in high school with a keen intrest in photography,

for this piticular photo i barrowed a flash from school and bought a

cheap aquairium and started setting up in my bedroom (lacking other

semi dark rooms w/ airconditioning). the fish tank got set up on a

piano bench and the flash on a step stool (taped down). after

carefully setting up a seamless in the tank, i began to transfer water

from a nearby bathroom into the tank. when that was done i used a

tripod to support a white towel to diffuse the flash before it hit the

seamless (100% backlit photo) black paper was also used to keep the

flash from illuminating the entire room and giving me a head ache

(previous experiences come in handy) then it was time to test f-stops.

after i got the high-key white i wanted i was faced with a problem, no

bulb on my digicam and no remote. no way of extending the button on

the flash either. this means haveing a shutter button on a tripod 2

meters away from the flash button and a dive mask to drop in between.

no problem. i mounted the camera and set it up in the tripod and used

the self timer and set the shutter to the max 3 sec. to take the

picture, i set the flash going and grabbed the mask and got ready on

the flash. when the camera beeped shutter open, drop spash bang and it

was all over, AFTER several tries 8^)the result is a surprisingly

professional looking image out of less than pro tools. way less! you

can probably tell that i'm pretty proud of it. please tell me what you


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I'd just like to congratulate you for doing this "low budget". Neccessity is the mother of invention! I won't bother rating your image (I'm against this in priciple...), but instead decided to take the time to comment. Striking, bold, very interesting and innovative! It instantly grabs the viewer's attention, yet gives enough to keep the viewer busy. Two thumbs up!
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First of all, it generally helps to not tell everyone else what hot stuff you are. Some people may be impressed that you, "little baby" that you are, managed to take a picture of goggles falling through a fish tank. Other people simply get annoyed. I'd spend some more time on spelling and grammar before photography, because yours obviously need serious help. As for the photograph... the effect is fine but the composition leaves me wondering what exactly the point is.
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I am with Amy on this one, mentioning that you are half the age of everyone else here and you think that you are just as accomplished, is very tacky.


Good photography, but please focus on your spelling and maturity as well.




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in no way did i mean to imply that i was as accomplished as anyone, i'm here to learn as much as you are. please take those kinds of things lightly, i awould like to apologize to anyone i offended.
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Great photo. Maybe you got a little carried away on the intro (remember, most of the people on this forum *are* twice your age, and therefore a little curmudgeonly). But you are right to be proud of your work.
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With time over the weekend, I did some more work on this image in PhotoShop. a link to a presentation with BOTH photos is included below. The newer image has a tighter crop, slightly different color balance / contrast and has been cleaned up with the covering of stuck pixels and excessive water droplets as well as distracting wrinkles in the seamless. Thanks for the support.




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Man there is no need to rip this guy apart, come on now. This is a place to comment on photos correct? Well, Joseph I think that you did a great job considering the materials available.
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I'll keep it simple. I like this. Even better if you did it with simple equipment. It's stunning. Thanks. (just one thing file size above recommended)
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Nice shot. I like the story of how this shot was done technically.


Ignore the comments about your maturity etc! Unless you edited your comment later and I'm reading some other text, those remarks are ludicrous! LOL!

Some people need to lighten up!


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