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Moon & Pond 2

Moon & Pond 2


Taken with a tripod at around f/11 with 4 second exposure.

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Just so you know up front, this image and it's mate were scanned from

11x14 prints, and they are not the entire image either.


I like this one the best out of the five slides that I took of this

scene and wanted feed back on it. The moon was toned down by the

clouds so it is not to badly exposed I thnk.


I would very much like feed back if you have any for me. Also check

out some of my outher works if you like.

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Actually it didn't storm that night, July 4, but it did the next night. The storm even knocked a tree down and destroyed a power pole with a transformer on it. I naturally have pictures of it down and being replaced. It gave me a good reason to test out the updated superia 1600, and the pics look about as grainy in 4x6 prints as some 400 speed film does.
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Very nice, but looks surprisingly grainy for a 100 ASA slide film (a bit too grainy for that type of picture, in my opinion). I'm also surprised by the rather short exposure time, but it seems to work.
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