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© All rights reserved - Norman Perkel - 2004

"Curb Your Enthusiasm"


PS-CS unsharp mask, levels, and crop.


© All rights reserved - Norman Perkel - 2004

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with this picture, I want to be appreciated you to look and you commented my pictures. it is a pleasure for my to know you norman. and I can tell you that I envy the occasion that you have of being able to make pictures to airplanes. I would also like to be able to photograph those air parades. and this picture has a splendid artistic touch. I love their color and light. a beautiful picture
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Thank you very much for your kind words. Your ability as a photographer is incredible and for you to comment on my photos is an honor. I really respect your work and aspire to learn from you. -N
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I like this shot, but it really left me curious as to how you took it, were you actually on the raceway and if so which I would assume, how did you get there?
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Yes I was on the circuit. This photo was taken after the race looking back towards the hairpin exit from the straightaway which leads back to the pits. I entered the circuit just after the race ended and promptly picked up a rock from the gravel trap which sits on my office desk every day.


There was also an open house the Thusday before the race weekend that allowed access to the pits... What an incredible experience.

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I run a small company Apextrem Ltd - that is Apex extremus rem. This is apex extremus. The only fault is that this is taken against driving direction, isn't it? Anyway, for me, this is a clear 7/7.
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Thank you very much for the wonderful comments and yes it was taken against the driving direction. There were too many fans on the circuit in the opposite direction so I turned and shot.
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I love it when people find shots like this with all the other "noise" going on around. Great eye and very well executed.
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Thank you again for your kind words... I try to look at things that others might not. I even have a photo my friend took of me when I was down on the circuit kissing turn one! LOL I am a nut!
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nice one! I wonder why no one has taken such a shot before, or at least I havent come across it before. original and nicely taken!
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