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Close up of the would be 7 time World Champion


PS-CS unsharp mask, levels, curves, and big-time crop.

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Hey Norman! Another great photo from Montreal. I'm sure it's because this photo has been cropped severely, but there is substantial grain here. However, it really works for me and almost adds a painted effect to me. I wish the photo could be a bit larger, but once again the cropping and grain probably prevent that. The colors are bright and I am really fond of the overall feel of this one!
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Thank you Steve. I agree, I was trying to take a different approach with this one but the excessive crop hurts a bit. I am now looking for a 500mm lens. (more accurately, I am looking for the money to buy one) This way I will not have to crop to get shots like this one.. I am still learning this hobby and I see these images as an experiment.. next year I will have a better idea as to what type of shots I will want to get and with each passing year refine my eye. Thank you again for taking the time to offer your comments. They are very much appreciated. -N
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Norman,it is a good decision to crop that shot...

The visual impact is very strong!!!

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Sell this to Shell. It is a sure seller ... or sheller - with the superb Schumi steering softly.

sss ss ss sssss . Very nice tones matching the Shell color.

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Thank you for the kind words. I should change the title to "The 7 Time WC". I missed Spa, but I hear that he clinched the title there. I only wish I didn't have to crop this image so much to get it.
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I like the colors and actions (dynamism even when the objects are not moving) in all your pictures. This is my favorite in this folder.
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Thank you very much. I too like this shot but had to crop it considerably and because I am still very new to Photoshop, I think I might have over-processed it a bit which resulted in noise. As I get more proficient, I will revisit this image as a RAW file and re-work it. Thank you for your kind words... I really appreciate it. -NP
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