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© All rights reserved - Norman Perkel - 2004

Massa's incredible head-on shunt. Notice that not only did the right side rear suspension fail but the tire sheared off before making contact with the wall... I am surprised he was able to get out and walk away from this one.


PS-CS unsharp mask, levels, curves, and crop.


© All rights reserved - Norman Perkel - 2004

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I was totally caught by surprise on this one. I had my shutter speed

set very slow to pan cars which were on my left when I heard the

Sauber of Felipe Massa lock up his brakes. Needless to say the image

is anything but sharp... but I kept the image because of the chaotic

action that it captures as well as the fact that it shows what the

FIA could not confirm.... That the left rear suspension failed BEFORE

the head-on impact with the safety barrier causing the un-teatherd

tire and components to be vaulted over the fense and into the

stands. -N

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Ok I gotta ask. I totally understand the blur and think this is a great shot all things considered. But were you turning to get the shot, or turning to get the hell out of the way? This is a true moment of decision at this point.
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I never budged. I later found out that the tire and suspension bounced over the safety barrier, hit the walkway and landed about 10 feet to my right. All I was concerned about was that the driver got up and out. I have a whole series of photos after the point of impact that are rock solid and sharp but this one was just a snap and I was happy to get what the governing body wasn't able to confirm. Lucky shot I guess all things considered. -N
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I haven't come across many photos even close to this one.


I get the sense that the photographer and the driver -- both -- are trying to gain back control of a nearly uncontrollable situation.


Very Nicely done.

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Great capture Norman!

This one is easily my favourite out of your F-1 GP series!

The panorama cropping, the blur and that flying tyre all add impacts to the photo!

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I have to say that I really appreciate all of your comments, good or bad, very much as I feel it helps me to grow and get better. -N
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