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Canon at night

Canon at night


8 sec, f2.2, windy nightResized in photoshop with a small adjustment to the magenta layer to remove blooming on some lights.


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This was one of the first night pictures with my G1. It was a windy

night so the canon and monument are in focus, but the trees and

clouds seem painted on. The bright greens and purples suprised me

the most. What do you think? Thanks!

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Some interesting colors, but I agree with the above posts. The attached jpeg is of night armour (Tank) training. The only illumination is from the muzzle blast.


All the Best,


Joe Oliva



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I don't know how but I knew this was taken with a G1 when I first saw it come up on the screen. I wish I could take my Oly 2100UZ back and get a G1. That camera can deliver some amazing pics in the right hands.


Very nice.

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