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Mt. Hood and beargrass

Erik Lundh

Some Photoshop

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Damn! Dude! This is great! Where were you for this? Which ridge, that is? I love it all!


Great job!

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TC, It was on a back road off highway 35 just a bit past the turn off to Dufer heading to Hood river. We drove in about 6 miles. I am a member of pacific Northwest Nature photographer. This was my first outing with them. They are awesome photogs. and give great input. You should give it a try.
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This is a truly skillful composition. The big rock in the foreground nicely balance the massive mountain and the colours of the grass balance the snow.


I think you also seized a good moment with the cloud cover sort of breaking in the shape of the mountain which has blue skies almost all around.


The only distracting thing is that cropped top white grass structure on the bottom left... was there any way to avoid it?

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Excellent composition with the mountain to the rear and left, rock to fore and center/right. Trees on the right leading the eye to the sky and the flowers for a 'lil added pizazz. Really beautiful!
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Salvatore is right about avoiding that small chopped top of a flower in the foreground. I would, as well, give some more contrast to the middle ground, to those pien trees there... But it's spectacular, in any case. Congrats!
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Nice sophisticated (to my eye) composition, and of course extremely beautiful. I like the rock/mountain with the trees, flowers and clouds softening in juxtaposition. I need to join you guys on one of those trips!
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In our backyard? This could've been from New Zealand for all I know. Great as is since the sun break put a spotlight on the mountain and the overcast forground provide all the necessary detail elsewhere. Beauty of nature, indeed. BTW, where's Mr. Frodo & Sam? ^_^
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the rock might supposed to be balancing the mountain yet I found it quite obtrusive. Without good forefront lighting, it is nothing but an ugly rock. The flower are really awesome, why not use them and them only as the forefront? really like the mountain in the gap of the clouds. it makes the photo spirited. Apologies if you do not agree, still a great photo. 7/6. Geo
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