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Holiday mood

Holiday mood



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Never mention that you use Photoshop here!

Many of the members will turn on you in a flash. Some because they're "purists", others because they are simply jealous.

As if they all do their own dark room work.


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Thanks. I haven't used any effect on this photo. It is just a Point-and-Shoot. Thanks my C-2040z for making such a photo.
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I really like the idea of the photo. However, it

has a typical snapshot flaw: a tourist

holding up the camera interferes with one of your

`main' persons. This really kills the composition

for me. Another issues is the tree to the right

which is too big and does not contribute to the

image (this you could salvage by cropping). After

using photoshop to manipulate the tourist away, you then have a really nice image!

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Actually, I was amused by the main character, the photographer, capturing his retreating model. All while the 'gallery' looks on. And a lovely set, too, for this mini-play. But, that's just my opinion.
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