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Camogli (GENOVA, ITALY) lighthouse

Camogli (GENOVA, ITALY) lighthouse

Mamiya Sekor Z 50mm f/4.5 W @22, 2 min exposure, MLU


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A MF shot (RZ67 with 50 f/4.5 @22, 2 min exp. on Velvia @40).

Difficult of this shot was achieving enough DOF without causing

diffraction to rise up. That's why I did choose f/22 an set up camera

at approx. 7 m far from lighthouse. Exposure time was consequent.

Actually I find picture a bit overall soft, but I don't know if DOF

was not enough or this degree of softness is the normal behavior of

the Sekor 50 f/4.5. (Chrome was scanned @1200ppi, sharpened a little

with unsharp mask; then perspective reduced approx. 80%). Many

thanks. Enrico Pocopagni

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I find the color of the sky to be a little bland in contrast with the really nice tones achieved in the city section of the image. A very technicaly challenging shot, well done.
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