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Handcoloured Black&White Photo

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Great concept and nice original photo. It might be the scan at fault, but the colours look very blotchy and un-natural on my screen. Also, the model's left arm looks broken!
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This look like a piece of art that isn't enjoyable just by what we look at. Does it play along with its physical texture? Maybe it does.

I agree that there are elements in the model's pose that look unnatural, but curioulsy they captivate me. She is pretty and the pose is suggestive, but her left arm is kind of excessively bent, like dislocated -as was already pointed out-, and the same happens with her right arm, that looks like a stump because of the darkest shadow, and after we've seen the left one.

This is a kind of image that happens to produce more than one reading or interpretation, and that's what I like more.

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i absolutely LOVE this picture. it is the best one i have seen on this site. how hard is it to hand color a picture? i am taking a photography class and would like to do this to one of mine by the end of this semester. any helpful hints would be appreciated! again, this picture took more art than most photographers have in them!
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Just needed to point out something that looks odd. Her arm on the left looks deformed and she looks like her arm is cut at the elbow on the right. I like the coloring...but I'd try the painting on another shot from that series assuming you shot more than one. She looks a little deformed. Also shadows on forhead look like dirt. Don't get me wrong.. Like the shot and idea of it.. just needs a bit of work.
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I don't comment on many photos but saw your Cutty shark on the main page and took a look at your gallery here. Looks very good! I love the toneing your are using in your work. A real treat to view your work.
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Wondering how pictures like this get an average of 7 + !?! Extraordinary shot, deliciously ambiguous !... (I might agree about another comment about the faulty scanning, but I will survive this). I really love your work !
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Very very beautiful. Except for the arm, I have no critique! I'd love to see you do more and more shots like this, you're wonderful at it. Was this just an experiment or something you are working on?
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Beautiful, but I must agree with the comments on the arms. The pose wasn't really optimal, but just some very slight changes would have improved it quite a lot. The colouring is very nice. What I do not like, are the scratches at the sides though.
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I love your folder, when i look at it, i get inspired and get my own ideas, and i constantly wonder how you managed to manipulate the light in just a professional manner, if you have any tips please please email me. Im a self learnt photographer and i would love for your input on how i could improve my own photography.
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This paintingjob makes it look like a Jan Saudek picture! Well done. I like the strange angle in the arm! It converts the picture from a classical one into a modern one. Painters would have been killed by their masters making a mistake like this in the old times, but luckily we don't live in that age anymore and with photograpy we now can ad something to an image so it is new and never seen before.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful portfolio with us, its inspiring and full of good energy.

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