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© (c) Dag Studio

MY FIRST PINHOLE CAMERA SHOT! Ilford MGIV used for paper neg. and contact print


© (c) Dag Studio
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You did show understanding of the extreme depth of field effect. Obviously the pinhole isn't exactly round, which gives the distortion of the house.


Were it me, I would try to "improve the pinhole", but then I am a mechanical engineer. I would also try to cater to subjects that have few straight lines and likewise exploit the extreme depth of field.


Are you trying to deliberately create distorted images? If so, you succeeded very well. Interesting photo!

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I still haven't done any pinhole photography, but this sort of thing is fun, and (presumably with the camera more or less on the ground) you have exploited the depth of field effectively.


Personally I don't find the "porthole" adds anything: if the image is a pinhole image, we should no more be able to 'see' the pinhole than I can see the iris of my eyes as I look out of them. (Did you add it in the darkroom? What are the odd blotches on the border?)


Someone said: "Obviously the pinhole isn't exactly round, which gives the distortion of the house."


Er, no it doesn't. The shape of the pinhole makes more or less no difference at all. Any distortion is caused by the film not being completely flat. (Think about it: it's geometry.)


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(Obviously the pinhole isn't exactly round)

The distortion is from using a 5-inch round tube for the camera body, the negative was curved. The pinhole is perfectly round I check it on a large optical comparator at work. I am a precision sheet metal engineer.


(What are the odd blotches on the border?)

Im really not sure; they showed up on the neg. when I developed it.


Thanks for your comments. They are appreciated!


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