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EF 100 2.8 Macro, 420EX, Bogen 3021 w/ Arca Swiss B1, Exposure Unrecorded

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In general I prefer to use a slow transparency film for Macro, but

for cost/instant feedback reasons I sometimes shoot color negative

film. Tried Royal Gold 100, and Reala and both a pretty good. Any

other recommendations. Any Comments/Ratings/Suggestions are

appreciated greatly.

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I can see that you are putting your focus on the fly, but the center of the flower grabs my eye, due to the reflected light (strobe?), and it's out of focus. Maybe if you'd gone to a higher f/stop so that both the fly and the center of the flower were in focus...
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Good observation, but as I was shooting a moving subject I needed as fast a shutter speed as possible. Stopping down to f/22 as I do for straight flower photos would have given me 1/4 of second or so. Not really fast enough to stop motion. Thanks for the comments.
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The depth of field on this shot is perfect, so don't worry about it.


The best print films for macro work are the ones you've already named; RG-100 and Superia-Reala 100. RG-100 is the sharper film with it's clinical contrast, moderate color saturation, and ability to "play" with the popular Fuji Frontier yet yield wonderfull prints (unlike other Kodak films). Superia-Reala has a "richer" palette than RG-100, and softer contrast, yet has more bite than NPS or older 35mm Reala.


Both films are superb for macro work with the best grain of all print films, and ease of scanning and printing. Please not that rumours prevail that RG-100 might no longer be in production. This is really to bad since the Supra and Portra films suck pretty bad in terms of macro work because of their poor handling of saturated colors. Kodak also killed off an even better macro film print film called Pro-100 that was similiar to RG-100, yet had boosted color saturation.


For slides, Provia 400F is outstanding for Macro work as well. It's more vivid than any print film I've used in terms of color saturation, although more contrasty.

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overall quite nice; but like another commenter, I am confused about the center of interest; is it the center of the flower or the bug? they seem to compete for attention. And i agree that there is an issue of depth of field re that; trust me, I know how impossible that is;

still, overall, quite a nice image

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