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© george carlisle 2001

airport candid

george carlisle

Date/Time: 2001.06.23 15:42:09Shutter speed: 1/30 secAperture: 2.8Exposure mode: ProgramFlash: OffMetering mode: Centre-weighted averageISO: 100Lens: 7.0 to 70.0 mmFocal length: 18.0 mmSubject distance: 65.535 mImage Stabilisation: OnAF mode: Continuous AFImage quality: SuperfineWhite balance: AutoSaturation: HighSharpness: HighContrast: Normal


© george carlisle 2001

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Something about the juxtaposition of the cleaning crew dialog and the

lone traveler captured my eye. I'd appreciate your honest opinion.

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Upon my first glance, I wondered what is the subject - the lone man or the group of airport employees? I'm guessing you intended to show that the man is somewhat disorientated and looking for his flight or something along those lines. That was my first impression. I really enjoy the colors in the background (the noen signs). Please tell us more about the photo.
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Actually, when framing this I was trying to focus on the cleaning crew primarily. They are focused in conversation which looks pleasant, and they know what they're doing. But then I saw the man looking around and that also seemed to add something in contrast, because he is disoriented and looking for something -- he's not sure.
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It is cool how the man in the foreground and the cleaner's head are postioned almost the same angle. I like the colors in the background it gives the scene a very warm feel. The warm colors also provide contrast to the mans confusion. I think its a great shot.
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I really like the way the cleaning crew seems to be arguing in a friendly way. You see the woman and the guy with a serious look, and the woman on the right is smiling, almost as if she was laughing at the argument.


Thanks for sharing!

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