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On the "Wall Street" of Frankfurt am Main

On the "Wall Street" of Frankfurt am Main


zoom setting 105mm


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It took me a long time waiting to capture this moment (not too many,

not to few people in it). But, just as someone suggested, this scene

may also look interesting without thses two bankers in it. What is

your opinion? Comments and ratings are appreciated. Thanks!

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Very well composed, excellent perspective, color and contrast, almost a 3D-picture in the best photo quality. As far as I`m concerned, this picture without the two bankers could also look interesting.
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I appreciate your comment to my picture of the Milwaukee Art Museum. I note that I rated this image a while back but left no comment. I think the composition is great because of the inclusion of the two figures. They are in exactly the right place in the picture and without them you would have had an interesting graphic but would have lacked the impact of this picture.
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Great photo! - and would also be a great photo without the two men...

Some questions:

i) where in Frankfurt is it? - I would like to see the original...

ii) you did do some "photoshopping", didn't you (the other possibility would be a shift-camera or a long very good lens at a very long distance...)?

iii) please tell something about equipment and technique...

Thank you very much!

Regads, Peter E.

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