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Self Portrait of "Me"

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This got my attention because I had planned something very much like this with a model I was working with. I don't do ratings which seem such a crock, but I am pleased if you like a reaction. I was going to drape my friend similarly and with the same high contrast approach. Mysterious and engaging for a self portrait. That said, I find the hand at the bottom evokes the character Nosferatu in Shadow of the Vampire. See the movie. Maybe that's what you wanted?. So, constructively, suggest use hands really carefully my friend Missy, or just leave them out. Aloha,-not an expert but still trying with people stuff-Gerry
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Wow!!! Nice going Missy. I do have a few questions. What type of lighting did you use? Did you have a full length mirror to aid your pose? Was anyone else present helping directing you? Did you use a shutter cable or timer? What is extremely nice about the photo is lack of harsh shaddows on the face. It has an extremely graphic art quality to it. The only nitch is there seems to be a white spot is that a button. With a image like this or similar use a piece of black tape over the button. Personally, i would have maybe somehow included a little bit more light on the opposite hand in the shaddow. Maybe try one with white gloves and see what happens. The tilt of the head is at a very unique angle. Very beautifully done Missy-Michael Joseph Hoard
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Interesting composition and facial expression. the only thing perhaps to consider is cropping the bottom, as the hand seems to distract my eyes each time I look at the picture... I think cropping will make your expression stand out more, otherwise its a good pic.
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You're very pretty! All that black bothers me, though, maybe it could be a little lighter. And along those lines (too much black), the disembodied hand bothers me as well. I think it belongs in the picture, just that it needs to be more "connected. And less cleavage would've been nicer--photographically speaking, mind you! ;) Otherwise, it's very good, especially for a self-portrait.
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A very attractive picture, looks more dramatic than the normal ones. Just curious how the original might look like. For me, your right hand is ok, although it would be better to make it darker than it was (Photoshop work?). It strengthens the special character of this picture. But, your left hand is really disturbing. It says nothing, could be eliminated, certainly only in your scanned picture file with e.g. Photoshop. A good start in this web site, Missy!
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Very nice work. Much more sophisticated than the typical self portrait (or any portrait) seen in these parts. I would agree with a couple of the comments regarding the hand, though, and crop that out.
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I would have to say I like the photo alot. But The hands like others have said should be diffrent. Your Right hand has a ring on it and also looks to have alot of preasure on it. Maybe like your leaning your weight on it. You might try this shot agian with your hand closer to the rest of the white in the picture. I do disagree with Julio the black is good and your cleavage is nice not to revealing but there. Without it it would be alot more black! You might check out Amy Powers here on photo net. She has some nice self portraits. I would have to warn you they are more revieling then yours.
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