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© Wayne Sadler

busy Chinatown.jpg

Wayne Sadler


© Wayne Sadler
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Koan practice: How do you reach deep into the Yangtze river without getting wet? When is Chinatown, San Francisco not busy? 

(At first I thought this scene too busy to “paint”.)


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Hi, Wayne

I rushed to reciprocate your comment on my recently published image!

Here we have another painterly photo which I'm very fond of, this time a bit exotic and in wonderful colors and shapes!

Once I asked you which filters do you use and why your images are so small and you told me the name of the filter collection and said that the bigger pictures require a lot of time to be processed in those filters! I obtained the collection and saw you were right! Now, after so many formatting and reinstalling Photoshop I hate to install that collection of filters for it's bloody annoying to set all those serial numbers and cods!

Cheers to that



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Thanks, Pierre.  I believe at one time Photo.net recommended the longest dimension of a file be no more than 800 pixels (resulting in file sizes less that approx 640kb).  This may account for what you are seeing as a small file.  (I don’t notice them displaying any differently than others posted on the site.)  I shoot raw and generally process tiff files (that can become large at times) but generally don’t take a lot of time processing when applying filters in photo shop.   It can take time to create some of my images because I use filters the way a painter applies and removes paint.  (I distort, so to speak, and selectively remove the distortion often over and over and with several different filters.)   

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