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DoF study III


A flower starting to decay at the end of summer. Shot on a tripod with an Olympus Zuiko 70-300 mm 4.0-5.6 lens.
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This flower, though slowly decaying, obviously still shows it beauty. I'm always looking for the most ideal DoF and bokeh, which are interdependent but not the same. They are, for me at least , fascinating determinative qualities of photography. Here the light and the absence of wind gave me ample opportunity to get the DoF I was after. Your comments are very welcome.
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Vincent, very nice picture. The title could also be: Andy Warhol after putting his fingers in the socket. Have fun, Franz
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Hi Franz,


thank you for this funny comment! Your title is definitely more catchy than mine. I'm glad you like it. Kind regards, Vincent

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A beautiful image of this flower unknown to me. The side lighting brings out the structure of the flower well. Given the windless day, you could have tried the focus stacking technique to get everything in focus, with a blurred background given the use of a tele, ciao Giangiorgio
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Hi Giangiorgio,


thank you for your valuable comments! Alas, I'm also not sure what species of flower/plant this is; it may be a dandelion (taraxacum) subspecies. I know the possibility of focus stacking, but I wasn't after front-to-back sharpness here; there are certainly situations in which I would consider it though. Kind regards, Vincent

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Vincent, really good macro shot. The bokeh is super and you also have those nice Olympus colours. Best regards, Arthur
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Hi Arthur,


thank you for your friendly comments! A smooth transition from sharp to soft within a small DoF was what I was after. Olympus colors are in a league of their own. Kind regards, Vincent

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Marc hit the nail on the head, Vincent. If the dandelion were a bird's torso, I'd say that it portrayed the feathers with spot on contrasting and color. A fine, fine image . . . My best always, michael
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Hi Michael,


thank you for your friendly comments and for favoriting this photo! I think the shallow DoF is what I was after here and it works well on this image. Kind regards, Vincent

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