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Malva sylvestris


For Gregory and Verena - another species of the huge malvaceae family. Shot on a tripod with a Super Takumar macro 50 mm 4.0 lens.
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Looking at mallow varieties on the web after seeing a photo by Gregory & Verena, I discovered that some flowers I had photographed also belong to the mallow family, in which there are many species. For years I didn't know what kind of flower this was, but now I know: it's a malva sylvestris ( a 'common mallow'). I made the photo in my late mother's garden just after sundown quite some time ago. I liked the full view of the flower and the green background. Your comments are very welcome.
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An excellent presentation of this mallow flower that stands out sharply against a blurred background, very clear the veins of the petals and the stamens rich in pollen, the soft light is really pleasant, ciao Giangiorgio
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Hi Vincent- yes indeed, this one has shown up when searching for mallow- we like that you can see the texture as well as the rich colors of this little guy---the super sharp center stands out!
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Beautiful flower, fine detail! I agree with what everyone has already said. I love getting my flower and butterfly shots in bright overcast light. Good light to you, Bill.
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Hi Giangiorgio,


thank you for your friendly comments! This light is so beautiful and brings such deep color I favor it, even though there's always the risk of wind blowing the subject out of focus which calls for a shorter exposure (the camera this has been photographed with does not perform well with high iso) or having to deal with blurry pictures. Kind regards, Vincent

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Hi G & V,


thank you for commenting on this image! I wanted to bring out the beauty of the whole flower, hence the straight-on view. The colors are intensified by the light (just after sunset), sharpness is okay, although a more modern macro lens would perform better in that respect. But I like the way this (vintage) lens lends itself to flower photos. Kind regards, Vincent

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Hi Bill,


thank you for your friendly comments! I like this light, especially for photographing flowers. Kind regards, Vincent

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