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© (c) Francois Maine

Trompe L'Oeuil


1/350s - f2.9 - 33mm


© (c) Francois Maine

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I am new to photography and already passionate about it.I shot this

snapshot while experimenting with my brand new digital camera.


I choosed this picture because of the story it tells me. I'm

wondering what kind of story it is telling you (maybe none...:))


I am willing to learn, so please don't hesitate to give your opinion.

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this is weird, like a set on a film or something - subtle contrast in the tones, good composition considering there's so much there, the buildings are interesting (strange that bit thats half demolished???) the subject walking through, the pattern of paving in the foreground - beautiful pastel colours - well done!! One tiny tiny nit, that is nothing to do with photography, please cut the size of your image file before uploading, it's impossible to view so large!
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I like it, makes me want to see the place for myself. I can't view the image all at once because it is too large, but as I move around it, I notice the glass in the right foreground. This looks trompe l'oeuil as well, and that gets me to thinking of how great it would be to place the subject into the middle of a trompe l'oeuil as for instance, if we could place some kind of painting in the foreground.
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Thanks a lot Geraldine and John for your feedbacks. They are very encouraging and appreciated :)

I followed your advice and posted a smaller version of this picture. Is there any recommended dimmensions for the pictures on photo.net?



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Hi Francois, for the viewers to see an image as a whole, I would recommend no larger than 800 pixel width x 650 height - even then I'm assuming most photo enthususiasts have a 17" monitor
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