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This is a part of a very old and rotten bridge. Any ideas how to

improve this idea, or should I just let it go?

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At least when the photo is reproduced on the web, there isn't enough texture to really make this shot work for me. My first suggestion is to make it bigger. Otherwise, perhaps you could crop it closer or use a wide angle to bring in more of the bridge without losing the part that caught your attention. Just my opinion - I'm not sure what you wanted to capture about that old bridge.
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I probably would have tried various angles. A side shot would have probably worked for me, but then again I like perspective shots :). You're shooting digital so don't hesitate to take as many variations as possible.
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I see a lot of pictures like this posted for critique. They all have the same artistic flaw: they lack energy. This one looks like it's from a highway department report. Try a different angle and/or lighting or something. Make the picture explain why you stopped to take it.
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I quite like it, although it would be nice to see more detailed grain in the wood as Neil says. Also I think a sepia tone would enhance it more than the bluey hue in the grey. You could crop it closer to lose some of the top and right hand side - it might add a little something being more asymetric
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At least the scan seems to be nowhere realy sharp and the reflections (?) on the water and the sky distract a little bit.
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