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Taken at a local track meet.  Hurdle events.

Taken at a local track meet. Hurdle events.

carl smith

70-200 2.8L


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I really liked the expression on his face, with the determination and

strain he puts forth to clear the hurdle. I'd like your opinions and

ratings on this photograph as well.

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i like the contrast (non-exposure) with the observers along the fence: intensity of the athlete against casualness of the spectators. on my montitor, for my part, i see only a dim expression on the hurdler's face, wish there was more.
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Perfect timing, good expression, composed well, exactly what an action shot should be. Its sharp, no motion blur, and the only thing that spoils it is the people behind the fence. But that is not something a photographer can always control in situations like this. On my screen, a bit more contrast, and some dodging on the face would improve the image too.
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