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Multnohma Falls

Multnohma Falls


Time exsposure at 3 sec. 24mm nikkor lense on tripod and use of timer on camera.


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I've only been taking pictures for about two years now and have

decided to sell some of them. The thing i'm having trouble with is how

to price them. I had a photographer look at them and give me

suggestions for pricing. This was the one he liked the most and said

for a matted 11x16 I could sell it for around $60. Can I get some

input on this please. I have other work in my portfolio and personal

web page. http://home.cdsnet.net/~sentinel/

Thank You

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If you search trough the site you'll find a lot of threads about pricing images. Pick out the comments you think make sense to you and go with that.


Very beautiful image btw.

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usually in waterfall pictures I try to keep man-made objects out of the view because they distract (IMO). This is not the case here, and I feel that it, in fact, makes the picture. Gorgeous image!
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