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Lower Falls of Letchworth Park

Lower Falls of Letchworth Park

19-35mm lens used, zoom set to 28mm. Camera mounted on tripod, polarizing filter and dark yellow filter used. 1 second exposure


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This waterfall is one of the most photogenic I feel I've ever seen.

Please let me know how you like this shot. If you're experienced w/

B+W I'd really like some input on what filters are useful in shooting

scenics. I've not tried a whole lot of this type of photography, but

I like it. Any help is appreciated.

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Well done. The only thing I would do differently would be to move infront of the foreground tree branch ( or whatever it is). The water fall is the subject and the eye wants to follow the course of it. That is interupted by the leaves. Just my opinion.
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Catherine, I'm curious about your choice of filters--especially since you asked for advice in that area. Did you use the polarizing filter because of unwanted reflections in the water? In my opinion, in b&w photography a polarizing filter will often eliminate the specular highlights that give the image sparkle and life. I don't think you will find that they are used in b&w landscapes that often by the better photographers.


I'm also a little puzzeled about the yellow filter in this case. Again, while you might have had a good reason, I'm not sure what it would be. A yellow filter is useful in b&w because it helps offset the films' extra sensitivity to blue, but in this case it may have just darkened the shadows since they tend to be blue. I use one occasionally when I think I'll need a little help with the sky and rarely for any other reason.


Unless you are sure a filter is going to help, don't use any at all. Think long and hard about using two. These is lots and lots of information available about filters in black and white photography and, for the most part, there is nothing complicated about it. (Overall, I like the photo but I don't give number ratings.)

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