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Cat Portrait


Just trying to learn by taking photos of everything.

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I like the almost human looking pose of the cat. It seems more indicative of a human subject than someones pet. Well done.
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This cat portrait does have a human quality to it. I like the contrast of the dark cat to the background -- great shot.
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I know that many people hate portraits of other peoples pets. I am

looking for a way to take a picture that is more than just that that

actually has a little more depth to it. Let me know what you think

of this one and what you would need to see in a portrait to consider

it worthy of more than casual attention.



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This is a fantastic cat portrait for two reasons. First, I can only imagine how technically challenging it must have been to capture the detail without the cat moving. Second, and most important, this image really does a wonderful job of illustrating an integral aspect of feline existence -- watching over the outside world with a longing curiosity. Very nice. Don't ever let what other people think of pet portraits deter you.
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The cat half of the picture is gorgeous; very very good handling. I do wish we could see a little more of what he's looking at; perhaps 1/3 of him and 2/3 of what's outside. It's ok that outside is blurry, it's just that it would be a somewhat more engaging (and visually easier) picture if it wasn't doing the half and half split. Just a very slightly different angle of aim.


Overall, incredibly nice, keep at it.

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As I raised and photographed hundreds of these lovely animals and I know how difficult is to shoot a cat that is not sleeping, I declare this an excellent profile of a cat.
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