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Preaching to the choir

Preaching to the choir

Shutter speed and fstop are not recorded for this shot. Cropped in PS 5LE.


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Something about this shot bothers me. It might be in the composition

as the subject has too much head room or what settings I used

[unforutnately, I took no notes so I have no idea what they were].


I do however like the lighting effect that was acheived by the gelled

lights and smoke in the room as well as the very lucky pose the

singer was captured in. Any comments or recommendations are


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I think the composition is good, and the use of space on the right to give him space to move his arms works for me. The unfortunate item is the green light, especially on his forehead. Green is simply unflattering -- in this case, it also fails to have any emotional impact (not gruesome or strong). In addition, the sign on the amp at the right distracts from the overall composition.


..just my thoughts..

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I don't mind the green or the Marshall amp head. I think it adds to the photo. What bugs me is the amount of hand shake that made this image so blurry. You need to use a shorter shutter speed and try to keep the camera more steady. It can be difficult under these types of events.


The composition is very nice though. As was previously stated, placing the performer to the left gives his arm plenty of room to move on the right.


I just took another look. Doesn't look too much like hand shake but there is motion blur from the performers head and hand moving.

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