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Vestiges 3 - Port Hope, Ontario

Vestiges 3 - Port Hope, Ontario


Exposure Date: 2013:05:18 16:07:10;
Make: Leica Camera AG;
Model: M9 Digital Camera;
ExposureTime: 1/1000 s;
ISOSpeedRatings: 160;
ExposureProgram: Manual;
ExposureBiasValue: 4294923776/65536;
MeteringMode: CenterWeightedAverage;
Flash: Flash did not fire;
FocalLength: 35 mm;
FocalLengthIn35mmFilm: 35 mm;
Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.0 Macintosh;


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I liked the form of the buildings in this Ontario town, the effect of a faux-IR

conversion and the central perspective, but may try to lighten the figure at

the bottom right as she is not very visible (although probably not essential

to the composition). Thanks for looking and commenting.

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Dear Arthur,

There are many very appealing things about this. I agree that the form of the buildings is attractive, as it the wonderful light. The sky is beautifully clear as well, and I like how it moves towards the patch of white (I assume clouds) at the end of the street in the far distance. Very nice!


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Dear Timothy,


Thank you for your comments.  Your point about the light sky in the distance shows a very good eye and is something I was only half conscious of.  While the later afternoon sun is attractive on the left building it also created a lot of contrast in the original capture and I had to lighten the shadows in both the color photo and its B&W conversion, in addition rectifying the verticality of the buildings. Like you, I am often drawn to the graphical nature of scenes in perceiving possible compositions.


The fun with B&W conversion is that one can try different luminance and tonal effects with the three color channel sliders and this was an IR effect pre-set that I then changed slightly with those sliders. The same thing can be done with color filters in film B&W photography, while accepting the overall response of the type of film used, but in digital manipulation there is a lot more that is possible and the effects are conveniently seen during the alteration rather than having to be guessed.

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Hi Pierre,


Merci bien!


The credit really goes in large part to the architects, at least one of whom seems to have been inspired by Venice and what we owe to the the Italian Renaissance.

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There's something almost surreal about this shot I'm struck by the exaggerated angles as we look down the street and the absence of traffic and people except for the one old lady on the corner who seems surprised to find herself in this deserted dream cityscape. It has the same feeling of emptiness as a Giorgio di Chirico painting.
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Jack, thank you very much for your impression of this image. It was just before suppertime on a Sunday afternoon and whatever stores were open that day had already closed and the traffic was very light. I love the false perspectives of Chirico paintings. The effective 28mm lens gave a certain sense of exaggeration to the view, the vertical perspective of which was later altered (from angled to vertical lines) by the PS Elements "filter-correct camera distortion" adjustments - sort of like view camera movements undertaken to overcome keystoning.


While I enjoyed the starkness of the IR type capture, I hadn't thought about the apparent surrealist effect and thank you for your mentioning of it. Maybe other scenes shot in IR mode, using even stronger wide angle effects and altering the vertical perspective as here might be interesting to pursue with such late afternoon or early morning light when our cities are free of traffic.


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Very good work which bring us back to the old days which we miss very much.  Thanks for showing such a work to us.  Best Regards,

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