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Puppet in window

Puppet in window


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Now that we can only put one photo per day (hopefully) I think it is

time to show you this picture that I posted some time before and

received no opinions.


I want to know if the image is moving, boring, if you like the

composition and the balance between shadows and light. The picture

was taken with my Ricoh GR1 (28 f2.8 lens) and Neopan 1600 during a

short trip to Nantes.


I do appreciate your thoughts.

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Not boring nor particularly moving. Nicely framed & good detail in the face.(asthetics 6) Overall, a little better than average (originality 6) Best, LM.
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I like the doll and the window. I like how you finished the edges of the frame and contained the burnt white. I think that a more masterful print would hold some detail on the white wall and bricks outside.
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