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As you said, there are similarities between our pictures. I like this one, the children are aware of you, but still being themselves.


Its nice to see pictures of children taken them seriously.

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Jill, use a shorter lens, and get closer.

Their faces are the picture, your 'face on' perspective is too two dimensional. Think depth;

the best street pictures work in 3 dimensions, not only composing left to right, but drawing you into the frame. Thread your shapes through and onward into the background. This will draw your viewer into the frame, and help create narrative.

I also think you could up your contrast and sharpen your scan...this would give the boys some punch and add a great deal.

Thanks for your comments on my 'wedding' shot.

If it sparks interest I may scan part of the contact sheet.

Contacts are a great way to study other Photographers work.

All the best.


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I like this snapshot very much.The yawning boy looks very good,but the the other's expression is great.Very good captured.Regards,Monika.

PS.Thank you very much for those wonderful words on "Silas" and my portrait-folder.

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