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Feel is WONDERFUL...

Technique leaves something a bit soft...

Looks like it was scanned from a newpaper and THAT ain't good.

Could be scans, printing or technique but 'figger it out and keep up the good work!

Inci-dento...Kids ALREADY wearing Tommy.

He'll want a Porsche when he graduates. Ha!

Cheers. Nice shot.

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this is a flatbed scan of a palladium print on a water-color type paper from a digitally enlarged neg (yikes..too many steps!). I think the grain is actually more from the paper than from the digitizing...I have a few prints that look smoother. Yeah, I'm not crazy about the grain in this particular image. Thanks for your comments!
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Pretty pretty please with sugar huh? :) What is it you dislike about this image, Jill? Other than the technicalities that have been posted already I don't see what you could possibly 'hate' about this photo. If you have the facilities, I would like to see a nice clean scan from a crisp print, but other than that ...
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